Special Energy Corporation founded in 1979, is an aggressive Stillwater, Oklahoma-based independent oil and gas operating company.





Special Energy Corporation History

Special Energy Corporation (SEC) began operation in May of 1979 in Fort Worth Texas. The Company moved to Stillwater Oklahoma in 1990 to be near its core assets in the Mid Continent.

Over a ten year period beginning in 1998, SEC successfully drilled several hundred vertical and horizontal wells in the Hunton reservoir located in central and northwest Oklahoma utilizing unconventional processes to efficiently produce oil and gas. SEC exited this play in 2009 through a sale to Eagle Energy Production, LLC. After this divestiture, SEC successfully assembled over 100,000 acres in central Kansas, shot and processed 45 square miles of 3-D Seismic and drilled two horizontal Mississippian wells. SEC exited this play in 2011 with a sale to Chesapeake Energy.

SEC’s current activity and operations include recent acquisitions in Eddy & Lea Counties New Mexico with a focus on the San Andres and Yeso formations.

Our Team

With a fully integrated field, land, geological, geophysical, accounting and support staff, Special Energy Corporation handles all phases of its business plan with in-house staff and expertise

Electrical Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

Drilling Engineer

Completion Engineers

Construction Supervisors

Field Technicians

Our Goal

SEC is continuously searching for acquisition opportunities in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Arkansas where it can utilize its expertise in efficient operations, engineering, geology, land, and financial skills to efficiently and effectively evaluate potential transactions.  Our primary goal is to develop the project at an efficient cost basis and implement our expertise to maximize reserves and production.  The SEC team has the ability to bring creative deal structures along with a full due diligence team that can efficiently evaluate any transaction and conduct a quick and seamless closing.